Youth Who Have Gambling Problems

| February 5, 2013

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Adolescent problem gamblers in Oregon are significantly more likely than other gamblers to have lost more than $50 in a single month and to have started gambling before entering 8th grade. Adolescent problem gamblers are significantly more likely than other gamblers to have skipped school, to have been hurt by and to have deliberately hurt someone else, to have been cautioned by the police, arrested and been to court in the past year (Volberg, Hedberg & Moore, 2008).

The frequency of gambling among Oregon adolescents is correlated with alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use. Like weekly gamblers, adolescent problem gamblers in Oregon are significantly more likely than at-risk and non-problem gamblers to have
used alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs in the past year. For more information, see Oregon’s Student Wellness Survey data.

Source: 2010 Oregon Student Wellness Survey Data; Volberg, Hedberg, & Moore (2008)

Does a youth you know have a gambling problem? Learn the signs.

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