1-800-GAMBLER Advanced Training – May 2016

| May 1, 2016

Fantasy Sports presentation: Problem Gamblers Network of WV Advanced Training | May 2, 2016

Thank you, West Virginia! It was great to spend the morning with you. I hope the presentation was helpful and useful to you in your work and life. (By the way, I’m now singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” after our conversation on memorable commercials!)
🙂 All the best,

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Slide Deck:


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Supplemental resources:

Great video resources to watch and share:

“The Fantasy Sports Gamble,“ (PBS FRONTLINE, 2/9/16)
Is it Gambling? How States View Daily Fantasy Sports,” (PBS FRONTLINE, 2/8/16)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports,” 11/15/15

New research:

“Kids who play simulated gambling games more likely to become problem gamblers later in life” . (Australian Gambling Research Centre, April 2016)

Gaming addiction resources

From gamer in recovery, Cameron Adair:






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