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| August 29, 2014

Following are some resources we hope you will find helpful for substance abuse prevention. Resources with the Oregon icon are located in Oregon.

Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT) The purpose of CAPT is to assist states, jurisdictions, and community-based prevention programs to apply scientifically-defensible strategies in their efforts to prevent substance abuse.

Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) The Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) is a department within the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno. Our primary mission is to transfer information, resources, and research in substance abuse prevention, treatment, and training using current technologies.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention CSAP’s mission is to provide national leadership in the Federal effort to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug problems.

Alcohol Justice (The) For the prevention of alcohol and other drug problems; uses a public health approach  to prevention. Creates an environment that helps individuals make healthy choices and requires responsible action from government and business.

National Drug Court Institute (and National Association of Drug Court Professionals) Mission: Promoting education, research and scholarship for drug court and other court-based intervention programs.

National Institute on  Drug Abuse (NIDA) NIDA supports over 85 percent of the world’s research on the health aspects of drug abuse and addiction. NIDA supported science addresses the most fundamental and essential questions about drug abuse, ranging from the molecule to managed care, and from DNA to community outreach research.

Oregon Addictions & Mental Health Services Division (AMH)  AMH (formerly Office of Mental Health & Addiction Services, OMHAS), a division of Oregon Department of Human Services, is dedicated to preventing Oregonians of all ages from abusing alcohol and other drugs, and ensuring that the best treatment possible is available for people who need help with addiction problems.

Lines for Life (formerly Oregon Partnership)  Partnering with communities, families, educators, law enforcement and treatment services to prevent and reduce drug and alcohol abuse in Oregon.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration “The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has established a clear vision for its work — a life in the community for everyone. To realize this vision, the Agency has sharply focused its mission on building resilience and facilitating recovery for people with or at risk for mental or substance use disorders.” The SAMHSA website includes grant information, news releases, statistics and more.

U.S. Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools’Exemplary and Promising Programs

The U.S. Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program has used an expert panel process to identify programs that should be promoted nationally as promising or exemplary. A 15-member Expert Panel oversaw a valid and reliable process for identifying effective school-based programs that promote healthy students and safe, disciplined, and drug-free schools. The panel identified 9 exemplary and 33 promising programs.

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