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Sharps Disposal Locations in Lane County

| February 15, 2017

Locations to dispose of sharps disposal containers

Below are locations in Lane County for disposing your sharps disposal containers year-round. Looking for locations outside Lane County, Oregon? Click here to search for where to safely dispose of sharps containers throughout the U.S.


HIV Alliance Main OfficeSharps Disposal Container

1966 Garden Avenue
9am-5pm, Mon-Fri


341 E 12th Avenue
9am-10pm, Mon-Fri

Buckley Detox Center

605 W 4th Avenue
9am-10pm, Mon-Fri

Washington-Jefferson Park

1820 Roosevelt Blvd
24 hours, 7 days a week


Springfield Library

225 N 5th Street
10am-8pm, Mon-Tues and 10am-6pm, Wed-Sat

Other Options


CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens

These stores sell Complete Needle Collection & Disposal Systems which include a
sharps container and packaging to mail a full container through USPS to a sharps disposal facility. The cost of shipping is not included.

Doctor’s Offices and Pharmacies

Ask you doctor or pharmacist if returning sharps disposal containers is accepted.

Local Waste Disposal & Recycling Sites

Waste disposal sites will also accepts sharps that are disposed in red laundry detergent containers when sharps containers are not available. For a list of waste disposal sites in Lane County and location hours, visit the Lane County website here.

If you find sharps on the groundWhere not to dispose of sharps

Do not try to pick them up yourself

Leave the sharp where you found it. Contact the HIV Alliance at 541.342.5088 and they will send staff who are trained in sharps pick-up and the steps needed to stay safe. For more information about what HIV Alliance and sharps pick-up, visit their website here.




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