2016 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Video Contest

| March 7, 2015

Welcome to the home of the 2016 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Video Contest!

Following is some information about the contest. Below you’ll find last year’s award-winning videos. Ready to enter? Click here!

Judging & Prizes:

ALL eligible entries will receive a minimum of $5 in Dutch Bros gift card (for 18+) or $5 in Subway gift card for participating.

The top FIVE videos will be selected by a committee & online poll. Voting will take place online here at between April 12 and April 17 at 11:59pm.  Be sure to share the link with your friends so they can vote!

Contest Rules:

The contest is open to Oregon residents under 25 who are not professional filmmakers.The contest is not open to providers or immediate family members of Oregon Problem Gambling Services, although Problem Gambling Services providers may be consulted in the making of the video. Click here for a list of treatment and prevention providers in Oregon.

Target Audience:

Youth, Young Adults, General Public (any or all – you choose)


30-60 seconds  (think: TV ad/PSA)


“Have the Conversation”  (problem gambling affects many people, not just the problem gambler; problem gamblers don’t have to be alone, and they do have support available). This contest is in honor of the third annual National Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Click to view the full rules and to enter

2015 Video Contest Results

Congratulations and THANKS to all who entered and voted in the 2015 PGAM Young Adult Video Contest!
Videos like this show the power of what young people can do, and the messages that they can share– 4 of the top 5 videos were entered by Oregonians under 18! ALL eligible entries receiving $5 in Dutch Bros or  Subway gift cards for their participation.

In the 10 days of voting, we had over 4,300 video views and 564 official votes. Each of the top three videos you chose were quite different from one another, and yet each had powerful messages of what a problem looks like, followed by messages of hope and help.


Here are the three top entries, as voted by YOU!

First Place:
Elijah Hayes (Grants Pass, OR)

Elijah, 14 years old, had 181 total votes. His video covers many key signs of of problem gambling, and a lot of issues and consequences that people face due to the problem, and how to get help. Congratulations to Elijah for his simple, yet powerful message! Elijah has chosen to receive the $200 Amazon gift card.

Here’s Elijah’s top voted video:

Second Place:

Jeremiah Justice (Canby, OR)

Jeremiah, 15 years old, created a dynamic animated video, which shows a number of signs of problem gambling and encourages people to talk about the issue and to seek help. Congratulations to Jeremiah for this award-winning video!

Third Place:

Gunnar Lassen (Crow, OR)

Created by: Gunnar Lassen, Tanner Wickwire, Rylan Larsen, Leah Perry, Emily Dean, Fernanda Torres, Darcy Anderson, Vanessa Oldale, Audrey Millard, Thomas Martin, Yeshua Wogoman, Sarah Sutton & Teancum Jentzsch.

Advisor: Heather Hohnstein, Crow High School.

Gunnar and his fellow Crow High School students created this as part of a drama project and were helped with their advisor, teacher Ms. Heather Hohnstein. The video features the main subject being confronted by consequences of his gambling problem, including eviction, losing his job and his friendships. Ultimately, one of his friends gives him a card and tells him that help is available. Congratulations to Ms. Hohnstein’s group for their 3rd place video!

Other top 5 entries were:

Lianna Spangler

Created by: Lianna S., Yeshua W., Vanessa O., Darcey A.: Advisor: Heather H., Crow High School


Karina Velazco


Voting took place over Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. While the contest is over, you can still like, upvote and tweet your favorites!


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