2017 Problem Gambling Awareness Month

| February 26, 2017

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month!

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 PSA on fantasy sports/sports betting

This was a spot we had last year for Awareness Month. Special thanks to Willamette High School students, Alyssa Bergman and Kaela Ambron, for their wonderful voice talent in recording this spot!

Check out our infographic, and feel free to share.

Below you’ll find an infographic on problem gambling issues in 2016. Feel free to share! Just right-click the image to “save as…”, or download a print-friendly (8-1/2″ x 11″) version to print and share!

Problem Gambling Awareness Month 2016 - infographic

About Problem Gambling Awareness Month

The U.S. highlights the issue of gambling disorders with National Problem Gambling Awareness Month throughout the month of March.

A new Oregon study estimates that over 83,000 Oregon adults (2.6%) have  a gambling problem–that’s about one in every 37 adults (Moore, 2016).

Local efforts to help highlight awareness include a young adult video contest and middle school art search, sponsored by the Lane County Problem Gambling Advisory Committee. Both events include prizes for ALL eligible participants – proving that no gambling is involved.

We want people to know that help is still free and available for problem gamblers and their loved ones. Too often this addiction goes hidden and unrecognized. We want people to “have the conversation” about problem gambling, and know that gambling disorders are preventable and treatable.

Anyone concerned about their own gambling behavior, or that of a loved one, can get help by calling the statewide gambling help line, 1-877-MY-LIMIT (877-695-4648), or chat online at www.opgr.org.

Local efforts:

Problem Gambling Awareness Month - Middle School Art Search, 2016

We’re seeking art from middle schoolers! Prizes for ALL eligible entries — click here for details!



Local Contacts:

  • Julie Hynes, PreventionLane at Lane County Public Health: 541.682.3928, @HynesUO
  • Michele Tantriella-Modell, Emergence Gambling Program Director: 541.741.7107
  • Ronda Hatefi, Lane County Problem Gambling Advisory Committee Chair: 541.688.7101


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Key messages:

  • Problem gambling is a serious public health issue for Oregon.
  • Oregon’s investment in addressing problem gambling reduces harm and helps the economy.
  • Treatment in Oregon is free, confidential, and it works. Help is available by calling the 24-hour helpline, 1-877-MY-LIMIT or online at www.opgr.org


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