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Gang Prevention

In an effort to continue addressing ways to create a healthier community and decrease risk factors that lead to youth gang activity in Lane County, a Gang Prevention Steering Committee was formed in 2010.young people

In April of 2013, the gang prevention task force was received funding for a half-time staff position whose job would be coordinating a comprehensive county-wide assessment and leading the group through the creation of a strategic plan. We are collecting data from community members, youth, school staff, key leaders in the community, service providers, and law enforcement in order to create a full picture of what the youth gang problem looks like in Lane County. We are also taking an inventory of resources that exist in each community as well as the justice system so that we can identify gaps in services for families.

The committee will use the information that is gathered in the community assessment as well as two symposia that were held earlier in the year to create a strategic plan. The information will tell us where to focus the limited resources that are available and will help us to assist in coordinating already existing services.

Click here to read the pilot assessment .