2013 Poster Gallery

| April 23, 2013

The 2014 middle school poster gallery is coming in April!

Congratulations, 2013 top awardees and ALL who participated in the poster search! We will be announcing the top posters from Oregon later in April. In the meantime, please enjoy the top 10 selected posters in Lane County. Special thanks to the Problem Gambling Advisory Committee for judging the posters again this year.

Video of Top posters in Lane County and Oregon:

Top Posters in Lane County and Oregon, & Special Awards
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#1 Poster in Lane County
Top 12 in Oregon
By Kamryn Large:
Top 12 in Oregon
By Aly Anderson:
Do You Know Where Your Kids Are Some Win, Most Lose
Top 12 in Oregon
By Camas Myers:
By Grace Rosier:
Don't Let Gambling Eat You Alive do you want to risk your future on a gamble?
By Sheen Faulconer:
By Alivia Irwin:
Don't Let Gambling Be Your Downfall Don't Let Gambling Control Your Life
By Vanessa Melendez:
By Mallora Tamasaka
Don't Let the Game Play You it only takes one game
By Felicity Farrell:
By Taylor Johnson:
Vampires Aren't the Only Thing that Can Take Your Life Away you're betting much more than money
Art award — by Ryan O’Hare
Message award — by Linda Pham:
it's not money you're paying anymore think outside the box - outthink gambling
Message award — by Trendon Allemang
Message award — by Brigit Cooper
know your limits - save your money watch out -


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