2014 National Conference on Problem Gambling Presentations

| July 2, 2014
Blurring Lines of Gaming and Gambling

Welcome to participants of the 2014 National Conference on Problem Gambling! We hope you had a great conference experience. Following are presentations from Julie Hynes. Below are the slides (with clickable links included for all references) as well as handouts. Keep in mind that these presentations are Creative Commons copyrighted, so please do contact us for materials. We are happy to share resources.

7/15/14 Update: “Exposure to Free-Play Modes in Simulated Online Gaming Increases Risk-Taking in Monetary Gambling.”  Journal of Gambling Studies

July 11: “App”rehensive: How Lines Have Blurred Between Games & Gambling, and How to Protect Our Most Vulnerable – Julie Hynes

Download handouts here (6 per page)

July 10: “Problem Gambling Prevention: Key Information for Gambling Regulators, Industry and Policymakers”

Preconference Training: “An Introduction to Problem Gambling for the Gambling Industry, Regulators, and Policy Makers” – Don Feeney, Sheryl Anderson, Ty Lostutter, Don Weinbaum, Julie Hynes, Keith Whyte

Download handouts here (PDF)



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