National Prevention Week – 2013

| May 4, 2014

2013 Local Prevention Week Efforts:

Lane County Public Health celebrated National Prevention Week, May 12-18, honoring local prevention champions

2013 National Prevention Week -- Lane County Prevention Champions

In 2013, Lane County Public Health Prevention Program celebrated Prevention Week by honoring volunteers in our community who have been champions of prevention and wellness throughout Lane County.

The eight honorees (one for each day of Prevention Week; two are committee co-chairs and were recognized on the same day) work in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention, mental health promotion and suicide prevention, disordered gambling prevention, obesity prevention, and health transformation, family and community wellness.

These champions of prevention volunteer their time, energy and expertise to our local community coalitions and councils. They advocate, educate and mobilize our community to make it a healthier place.

John Weatherly

John WeatherlyOn this last day of Prevention Week, it’s also Armed Forces Day– a perfect time to honor local veteran and prevention advocate, John Weatherly! John volunteers with the Mental Health Advisory Committee/Local Alcohol & Drug Planning Committee, and sits on the Addictions Subcommittee along with the Veterans Ad Hoc Subcommittee.

A military veteran, John also volunteers as a mentor with Vet court and peer recovery with the Stone River Native American Recovery group. He works with Oregon Department of Corrections to research and implement bringing inmate art to local art galleries. His primary passion is wellness via spirituality first. Thank you, John!

John says:

“Volunteering in prevention means modeling and sharing one’s life experiences to be crime free and addictions free. Regardless of past history or age, recovery is possible.”

Prevention Champion: May 17

Tara DaVee

Tara DaVeeDay six of prevention week, we are proud to honor local prevention champion Tara Davee.

Tara has been an active member of the Community Advisory Council (CAC) of Lane County’s Coordinated Care Organization and a strong advocate of prevention in our community. She helped lead the discussion on improving coverage for Durable Medical Equipment and developing an incentive program for women to quit smoking during pregnancy. She loves to volunteer and give back to the community. Tara is a true spokesperson and champion for prevention in Lane County!

Tara says:

Tara’s favorite quote is “Each one, teach one.”

Darlene Baker & Lissa Voorhees

Day 5 of prevention week — and two champions today! Darlene and Lissa are a great team — they co-chair Lane County’s Suicide Prevention Steering Committee, both advocating for the awareness and prevention of suicide. Today we honor them both as they work together truly to help save lives!

Darlene Baker

Darlene BakerAfter the loss of her daughter, Jennifer, to suicide in 1997 Darlene started speaking at local high schools about the importance of talking to teens about depression and suicide. In 2003 she started and leads the Suicide Bereavement Group, a local support group for those that have lost someone to suicide. Darlene and her husband also started the Jennifer Baker Fund, a nonprofit that supports suicide prevention efforts in Lane County. Darlene, who lives in Pleasant Hill, enjoys spending time with friends and family. KVAL-TV aired a special story on suicide prevention, featuring Darlene — watch the story below:

Darlene says:

“I do this in memory of my daughter Jennifer, who took her life in 1997. I tell people that come to our bereavement group, you have to find how you are going to deal with this for the rest of your life. I deal with my loss by trying to prevent another family from having to deal with what I deal with every day.”

Lissa Voorhees

Lissa VoorheesLissa has been very active in suicide prevention efforts, ever since she started attending meetings of the Steering Committee over 2-1/2 years ago. She was instrumental in getting suicide prevention PSAs on a number of media outlets for Suicide Prevention Week and served on the joint Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Subcommittee Public Awareness Campaign last year. Lissa is always willing to volunteer at a moment’s notice and has represented Lane County at numerous local and state events. Lissa’s personal interests include traveling, knitting and spending time with family and friends.

Lissa says:

“I believe greater public education and recognition of depression is critical in the prevention of suicide. Death by one’s own hands is ugly and difficult to understand. When we don’t speak openly and non-judgmentally about mental health and suicide it discourages those in need from seeking help. I do this in memory of my son, Nick, who died by suicide in 2007.”

Rick Kincade, MD

Rick Kincade, MDDr. Kincade is a practicing family physician and a prevention advocate! He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Trillium Community Health Plan (Lane County’s Coordinated Care Organization, CCO) and is active in the Clinical Advisory Panel and serves as a member of the Community Advisory Council for the CCO. In his free time, Dr. Kincade enjoys spending time with his family, working in the garden and cycling the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. This is a doctor who practices what he preaches!

Rick says:

“It’s an honor to be nominated for this award. The work we are doing for health care reform is important and necessary. We can’t afford to continue, as a society, to become increasingly unhealthy — we have to work together to build better health in our community, and the work we do in prevention is key to getting at the root causes of ill-health and creating a healthier foundation for our children and families.”

Mardel Chinburg

Mardel ChinburgMardel Chinburg has been an active prevention/public health advocate in Lane County for the last 30 years.(!) Mardel is a community activist and current Board Chair for the local obesity prevention nonprofit, the Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth; sits on the Board of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon; is a member of Lane County’s Public Health Advisory Committee; and a Board Member at Pacific Rivers Council. Oh, and she also somehow has time to work full-time at a consumer protection and prevention law firm!
Last year, Mardel did an internship with Lane County Public Health, which included conducting interviews with dozens of community leaders to identify community strengths and themes as part of Lane County Public Health’s first ever community health assessment. Policy work is hard work, but Mardel is always up to the task!

Mardel says:

“I’m honored to be nominated for the 2013 Prevention Awards and for the opportunity to contribute to the health of our community.”

Prevention Champion: May 13

Ed Lichtenstein

Ed Lichtenstein

Our second awardee for Prevention Week is a truly humble guy who you might see around town wearing a classic Brooklyn Dodgers cap. Unassuming, yet with a brain full of knowledge, Ed Lichtenstein is a senior scientist with Oregon Research Institute who dedicates his free time to helping local prevention coalitions navigate through advocacy and policy change around underage & problem drinking and problem gambling.

A longtime tobacco prevention researcher, in addition to a former graduate program instructor at University of Oregon, Ed understands what works in prevention and brings his expertise to the Eugene Prevention Coalition and Problem Gambling Advisory Committee. He is a man of “evidence-based action,” and always asks questions that need to be asked– no matter the issue or angle!

Ed says:

True to his humble style, Ed said of his award: “It’s been said that ’80 percent of success is showing up.’ I am honored and glad to accept this award.”

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts On Mother’s Day we honored a local mother — not only to her kids, but to her community. Robin Roberts is the Coordinator of the McKenzie Family Resource Center, where she supports families through running parenting groups. Robin works tirelessly to connect families to community services, activities and more. Serving and teaching others has always come very naturally for Robin, who served in the ministry for over 25 years. She and her husband have been married for 37 years and have two children and six grandchildren.

Robin says:

“There is nothing more rewarding then being able to hand new parents tools to use and hone that they will pass on to their children.”

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