Megan Prehm

| September 30, 2015

Professional Practices Program Intern
University of Oregon, Family & Human Services

Contact: [email protected]

Supervisor Contact: Julie Hynes

Megan Prehm graduated from the University of Oregon Clark Honors College and the Family and Human Services program. During her year-long internship with us, she worked closely with Prevention team members around tobacco, marijuana, and problem gambling, as well as creating various multimedia to educate the public around these topics. She has experience with the older adult population, medical marijuana community, and pre-school aged children, as well as continuously advocating and participating in political discussions and events. With one foot in public policy and the other in health, Megan strives to make prevention a key component in future law making.

As a part of the UO Honors College, Megan’s thesis was a defense to raise the minimum legal smoking age of nicotine products to 21 in Lane County. She passed her thesis with honors.

Category: The Team

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