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| March 5, 2014

Hookahs, often referred to as water pipes, are used to smoke specially made tobacco (or “shisha”) that is available in a variety of flavors.

Hookahs deliver the addictive drug nicotine and are at least as toxic as cigarette smoke.

People who smoke hookahs tend to inhale for longer periods of time. This may actually cause them to absorb higher amounts of the toxins into their lungs than cigarette smokers.

Although individual mouthpieces are available at most hookah bars, people tend to share a single mouth piece, thus increasing the risk of infectious diseases like herpes and TB.  In addition, people who smoke hookahs are at risk for the same kinds of diseases as are caused by cigarette smoking, including oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, reduced lung function and reduced fertility.

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