2016 Holidays – Lottery Stocking Stuffers for Kids Aren’t a Good Bet

| December 11, 2017

So it’s just a lottery ticket, right? What’s the big deal?

To answer the question, probably not a whole lot is a big deal. But did you know that 1) it’s illegal to buy Lottery tickets for anyone under 18, 2) kids who start gambling at a young age are far more likely to become problem gamblers later in life, and 3) as parents, we play the most important role in our kids’ future behaviors — not just drinking, drugs but also problem gambling?

lottery tickets aren't for kids

Okay, so do we have you yet? No?

Here’s the thing: Most problem gamblers report starting to gamble early on in life — and we can bet (pardon the pun) that they didn’t start off playing the craps tables in Vegas. We typically don’t think of lottery tickets as “gambling,” and yet we want to show kids that it’s hard work that gets us our dreams — not putting our money on chance.

We have a ton more reasons, but let’s face it, you’re busy– it’s the holidays, for crying out loud.

If you do want to read on, learn more about the risks of youth gambling and how to talk with your kids.
Check out this article from OPB last year from the Oregon Lottery, which advises against buying lottery products for kids.

Some of our non-Lottery kids stocking stuffer ideas:

  • Gum.
  • Anything that lights up or flashes.
  • Hot cocoa mix. Mmm…cocoa.
  • Ugly holiday socks (because some of us parents love the sound of the dreaded “sock sigh”). >:-)
  • Other ideas? Let us know!


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