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Electronic Cigarettes and Youth

| April 11, 2014
    1. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco, and therefore are not subject to U.S tobacco laws. This means that e-cigarettes can be purchased by anyone, without proof of age. Because of this, e-cigarettes may be appealing to children and teens, encouraging nicotine addiction among young people.
    2. Multiple e-cigarette manufactures sell their products online. Given the online presence of e-cigarettes, it is easy for children and teens to have access and purchase them.
    3. E-cigarettes are available in many different “candy-like” flavors that could appeal to children and teens including, cotton candy, bubble gum, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
    4. The number of youth using e-cigarettes is increasing. According to the CDC, the number of students in the 6-12th grade who reported ever having used an e-cigarette doubled from 3.3% to 6.8% from 2011-2012.




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