2017 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Middle School Art Search

| February 18, 2017

The 2017 Art / Poster Search is ON!

We are excited to announce the 14th annual Problem Gambling Awareness Art/Poster Search.

2017 problem gambling awareness calendar

Parents/teachers: Download a flyer here.

Who makes these posters?

Middle schoolers all around Oregon.

Why should I make a poster?

Out of wanting to help others, of course! Aside from that: we have prizes! In Lane County, EVERY middle schooler who turns in a poster gets a prize. Also: YOUR poster might end up in the statewide calendar that gets sent all over the state (over 10,000 of these puppies get printed every year).

But my art skills aren’t fantastic.


No really, how do you really know your skills aren’t amazing? Do you draw stick figures? Even stick figures have made it into our statewide calendar before (seriously, they have).

We’re looking for substance and a good message, not just style. If your computer art skills are awesome, make it on the computer! (Just remember, it needs to be ORIGINAL art, so please don’t copy Darth Vader’s body onto your poster.)

But we already have poster contests for water, smoking, and other kinds of things. Why do this for problem gambling?

Problem gambling is a little-known issue facing Oregonians. While over 80,000 Oregonians deal with gambling problems, many more know someone with a problem (it’s said that problem gamblers affect 6-12 other people). Gambling problems hurt not just the gambler, but families, friends, coworkers and communities. We want to get out the word that problem gambling is serious, that there is help, and that the help is free to all Oregonians and their loved ones.

Also: those issues are all super important, so create a poster for them, too.

When’s the thing due?

March 31. Deadline extended to after Spring Break!! It’s due April 7.  Turn it in to your teacher, or turn in / mail to 151 W. 7th Ave., Room 410 / Eugene / 97401.
Or turn it in online here! (Scroll down a bit.)

 OK, OK. I’m convinced. Now, how do I make this poster?

Your poster should have one of the following messages, or develop your own message (in either case, please include the message in the poster):

  • Youth who gamble are much more likely to be involved in other risky behaviors, such as drinking, drug use, or violence.
  • Gambling for money online is illegal.
  • Using free Internet gambling sites puts you at risk for problems.
  • Anyone with a gambling problem can get free counseling (1-877-MY-LIMIT).
  • Gambling problems can happen to anyone.
  • There are better things for kids to do for fun than gamble (feel free to give examples).
  • People who gamble should set and stick to a time and money limit.
  • Signs of problem gambling: lying about gambling and betting more than intended.
  • Many of us are not aware that gambling addiction is a problem.
  • People can recover from gambling problems.


KEEP IT SIMPLE. The more stuff you have on your poster, the harder it is to read. Think about something you might look at from, say, three feet away.

Submitting your poster online? Turn it in right here!

Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions.



  • Statewide: $50 gift certificate for calendar cover artwork.
  • Statewide: $25 gift certificate for each of the other 11 months.
  • Lane County: top poster gets $25 gift card/ top three posters get Target/Walmart gift cards!


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