2015 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Middle School Art Search

| February 24, 2015

The 2015 Middle School Art Search is underway! Deadline is March 27.  ALL eligible entries in Lane County receive prizes!

Create an 8-1/2″ x 11″ poster for this year’s art search. You can snail mail it or upload it here. Instructions are below!

Click here for a PDF print-friendly versionGet a print-friendly copy of the art search flyer

Middle school aged youth are eligible to participate in the art searchh (6th – 8th graders). You don’t have to be connected with a certain school to submit your art (could be “just” you, if you’re in a youth group, church group, homeschool, etc.).  The art search deadline is  March 27, 2015. 

Statewide judging of the artwork will take place in April and we will let you know by April about how you did (and you’ll get your award, of course!).  See the poster judging information page for more details.


A few suggested messages (below) have been developed — you don’t have to use these messages, they are just some ideas; if you do decide to use one of the messages, write it down on the back of the poster. PLEASE DO INCLUDE THE NUMBER FOR FREE HELP, 1-877-MY-LIMIT, and/or website www.opgr.org, in your poster.

  • Gambling can be a risky activity
  • Gambling for money online is illegal
  • Using “free” internet gambling sites puts you at risk for identity theft and other serious problems
  • Free counseling is available for anyone with a gambling problem
  • Gambling problems can happen to anyone
  • There are better things for kids to do for fun than gamble
  • People who gamble should set and stick to a limit of time and money
  • Signs of problem gambling: lying about gambling and betting more than you intended to
  • Gambling addiction is a problem many of us are not aware of
  • People can recover from gambling problems

Turn in your poster to Lane County by March 27, 2015.

Be sure to put your name, grade, name of school and teacher (or youth group, etc.) printed on the back of your poster.

Scanned: Email to [email protected]

Snail mail: Julie Hynes, Lane County Public Health | 151 W. 7th Avenue, Room 413 | Eugene, OR 97401

Enter your poster!


Lane County Public Health – PreventionLane
151 W. 7th Ave., Room 410
Eugene, OR 97401

OR upload here!

2015 Problem Gambling Awareness Month Video Contest - Entry




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