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| December 21, 2015

Steps to Prevent Underage Drinking and Intoxication at Community Events & Festivals

Planning & Promotion

  • Fence the Alcohol Service Area. Restrict alcohol sales to a designated location where underage youth are not allowed.
  • Use Wristbands. Wristbands easily identify people who are 21 and older. IDs should still be checked when purchasing alcohol.
  • Post Visible Signs. Post highly visible signage of alcohol laws in and around the service area.
  • Offer Food and Non-Alcohol Beverages. Make food and non-alcohol beverages available, including water.
  • Alcohol Service Hours. Stop the sales of alcohol at least one hour before festival/event closing.
  • Limit/Prohibit Alcohol Sponsorship and Promotions. Prohibit an alcohol industry name from being associated with, or displayed at, the event.

Drink Sales

  • Check Identification. For every alcohol sale, check identification of all customers.
  • Limit Servings: One ID, One Beer. Limit servings per person per purchase to one. Limit the pour size to 12 ounces for regular beer and 4-5 ounces for wine. Prohibit pitchers and serve no more than 3 drinks per person.
  • Use Distinguishable Cups. Use opaque cups for alcoholic beverages and clear cups for non-alcoholic beverages in order for the contents to be easily distinguishable.
  • No Price Discounting on Alcohol. Do not offer drink promotions or price discounts.


  • Keep Security Visible. Hire adequate security to monitor alcohol consumption. Keep security personnel visible.
  • Monitor Festival Grounds for Suspicious Activities. Monitor parking lots and surrounding property for suspicious activities. Ensure pedestrian safety and adequate parking.

Servers & Volunteers

  • Restrict Age of Servers. Restrict alcohol servers and security to individuals 21 and older.
  • Train Your Servers. Require all alcohol servers, including volunteers, to participate in approved alcohol training. Servers should have absolutely NO alcohol in their systems while working. The OLCC provides FREE server trainings for event volunteers.
  • No Sales to Obviously Intoxicated Customers. Absolutely no alcohol sales to anyone appearing obviously intoxicated. Train your servers and volunteers on the signs of intoxication and how to refuse service.
  • Manager/Booth Leader On-Duty. Require a manager or booth leader to be stationed at each beer booth at all times.espc


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